Redeemer remote video consultation platform

To get rid of the dilemma that traditional consultations can only be conducted through video and voice or two-dimensional CT images to conduct remote consultations, the Redim remote consultation platform provides a real-time interaction, three-dimensional visualization, and precise three-dimensional operation for doctors of both parties in different regions. Through the platform, doctors from both parties can conduct immersive remote contextual communication through the platform. This not only greatly reduces the cost of doctors’ remote communication and expression, but also greatly integrates international and domestic high-quality medical resources to help doctors be scientific, efficient, and effective. Precisely formulate personalized surgical plans, greatly reduce surgical risks and increase surgical success rates.

At present, nearly 100 Chinese and British medical experts who are proficient in oncology, dentistry, orthopedics, neurosurgery and other diseases and have mutual recognition of doctors from other countries have successfully settled in. In addition, two clinics have been established in China and the UK, and more than 50 transnational remote diagnosis and treatments have been achieved, with doctor-patient satisfaction as high as 100%. Through the platform, patients can make appointments for remote diagnosis and treatment, MR real-view consultation, follow-up services and health management in top hospitals in China and Britain in a short time to obtain the best diagnosis and treatment plan, and successfully realized transnational remote video diagnosis and treatment consultation and remote surgery Real-time guidance. Provide patients with a more efficient, convenient and economical way of seeing a doctor, effectively gathering international High-quality medical resources help the healthy development of telemedicine.