Product Introduction

The remote body temperature Bluetooth monitoring system is a small part of the healthy city project developed by the Cambridge Redeemer Medical Technology Center. It is used for large-scale, contactless monitoring of temperature changes in patients, medical staff, social groups and other groups.

Product Features

It is composed of Bluetooth thermometer, mobile phone Bluetooth APP and background monitoring system. The monitored person monitors body temperature at any time through the temperature sensing device attached to the body, and regularly uploads body temperature data to the back-end database through the Bluetooth device. The administrator can observe the body temperature in real time through the back-end monitoring system and intervene in time for subjects with abnormal body temperature. Using a mobile phone as a transmission terminal for wireless temperature measurement can greatly facilitate patients and medical staff, and can be isolated from each other to avoid cross-infection. It is easy to promote in applications and only needs to install software on existing mobile phones, which is low cost.

Download and use

The tested person needs to download through the download port in our official account (Redeemer Health City), download the APP through the mobile phone, and stick the temperature measuring head under the armpit. The Bluetooth pairing connection is required for the first use.