Radeemer Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development center established in Cambridge by Radeem Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and the British technical team for the secondary development and integration of technology. It is mainly used for the research and development of medical 3D printing and digital reconstruction technology.

Redeemer Cambridge England

Redeemer Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in medical 3D printing and reconstruction. 3D digital visual and other virtual reality technology research and development, sales and service companies. The company has a technical team composed of top doctors and computer engineers at home and abroad, mastering the most cutting-edge 3D printing and digital reconstruction technology. It has established technical cooperation with many famous universities such as California State University, Cambridge College, Xi 'an Jiaotong University, as well as many famous 3D printing companies at home and abroad, and provided technical support for many large third-class first-class hospitals. Its sales outlets are gradually spreading to the whole country. Our goal is to respond to the national "One Belt And One Road" call, make data more accurate, make treatment safer, provide users with the best quality high-tech services and medical technology solutions, based on China, to the world!

Tim medical technology co., LTD., for research and development center of Cambridge headquarters, set up branch in xian, relying on the base of strengthening and Dr Many experts and school cooperation and research institutions, has a technical team of top doctors and computer engineers build at home and abroad, holds the most advanced 3 d printing and digital reconstruction technology, formed a digital reconstruction, including medical digital remote consultation platform, and medical care 3D printing, medical virtual reality technology and medical artificial intelligence wearable five digital medical sector, in the digital medical field in the world's leading level.

Redeemer RESEARCH and Development Center in Cambridge, UK is committed to the research and development concept of "making data more accurate, making treatment safer". Adhering to the orientation of scientific and technological innovation, redham research and Development Center is committed to developing products that meet the development needs of the industry and represent the most cutting-edge medical technology, so as to provide users with the highest quality high-tech services and medical technology solutions. At present, the main technical support of the R&D center is: mathematical medical + surgical medical alliance, 3D digital reconstruction technology, AR+ multi-point joint control technology, virtual reality technology for preoperative evaluation, ultra-remote consultation, and medical 3D printing technology.